Christian Vitale

at IMDEA Networks

Christian Vitale obtained his Ph.D. from University Carlos III of Madrid in June 2017. He is now a Member of IMDEA Networks’ Alumni Network.
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Research interests

Performance Evaluation; Resource Allocation; Cellular Networks; IEEE 802.11; Device-to-Device Communications; Green Networking; Queueing Theory.

Short biography

I achieved my PhD title at Universidad Carlos III the Madrid and IMDEA Networks Institute the 9th June 2017. My PhD dissertation, which title is "Analytical characterization of inband and outband D2D communications for network access", is mainly focused on:

  • Analytical modeling of wireless network communication technologies, as 4G/5G or IEEE 802.11;
  • Design of mechanisms improving wireless network efficiency, as Device-to-Device communications or Inter-Cell Interference Coordination;
  • Greening access network operations.

During my doctorate I published about 10 articles in international conferences, INFOCOM 2017 among them, which impact on the research community is testified by 2 different awards (Best Paper Award at IEEE OnlineGreencomm and Honorable Mention at COMSNETS). I have been TPC chair of EdgeCom'17 and reviewer for major journals and conferences such as IEEE Transaction on Green Communications and Networking, IEEE Transaction on Communications, JSAC, INFOCOM, ITC, WoWMoM, since 2014. I was mostly involved in the research activity and in the management of the European Project FP7-CROWD.

I received 2 two M.SC. degrees, the first one in Telecommunications Engineering with a specialization into Telecommunication Networks from the University of Pisa (2012), the second one in Telematic Engineering from Universidad Carlos III (2013). During my studies, I also had the possibility of passing internship periods in top university and industrial research departments. In 2016 I passed 6 months in Telecom ParisTech, France, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Thomas Bonald and Dr. James Roberts. In 2011, instead, I passed 6 months in NEC Europe, Germany.