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Supervision of Master Students:

  • Claudio Ragona - University of Trento (Thesis title: Energy Efficiency for Mobile Devices in Mobile Cloud Computing - defended March 2015)
  • Francesco Giordano - Politecnico of Torino (Thesis title: Energy-Efficient and Network-Aware Scheduling for Cloud Computing Data Centers - defended March 2015)
  • Andrea Capponi (currently PhD student @UniLu) - University of Pisa (Thesis title: An Energy-Efficient Framework for Data Collection Optimization in Mobile Crowd Sensing Systems - defended February 2016)
  • Luca Maioli - Politecnico of Torino (Thesis title: Enabling Rich Remote Control Applications exploiting Mobile Cloud Computing - defended March 2016)
  • Nicholas Allio - Politecnico of Torino (Thesis title: Energy-Efficient Computation Offloading for Wearable Devices Applications in Mobile Cloud/Fog Environments - defended July 2016)
  • Giuseppe Cacciatore - University of Trento (Thesis title: Cost Analysis of Smart Lighting Solutions for Smart Cities - defended March 2017)
  • Mattia Tomasoni - University of Trento (Thesis title: Analysis and Experimental Comparison of the Energy Efficiency of Mobile Crowdsensing Data Collection Frameworks - defended March 2018)
  • Piergiorgio Vitello - Politecnico of Torino (Thesis title: Modeling Mobility, Task Allocation and Data Collection for Mobile Crowdsensing Simulators - defended March 2018)
  • Giulia Attanasio - Politecnico of Torino (Thesis title: Event-based camera communications: a measurement-based analysis - defended July 2019)