Publications with IMDEA Networks

Journal Articles [2]

  1. Paolo Casari, Campagnaro Campagnaro, Elizaveta Dubrovinskaya, Roberto Francescon, Amir Dagan, Shlomo Dahan, Michele Zorzi, Roee Diamant (December 2019)
    ASUNA: A Topology Dataset for Underwater Network Emulation [PDF Download PDF in new window]
    IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, ISSN 0364-9059
  2. Elizaveta Dubrovinskaya, Paolo Casari, Roee Diamant (December 2019)
    Bathymetry-aided Underwater Acoustic Localization using a Single Passive Receiver [PDF Download PDF in new window]
    Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 146 (6). pp. 4774-4789. ISSN 0001-4966

Conference and Workshop Papers [4]

  1. Elizaveta Dubrovinskaya, Paolo Casari (June 2019)
    Underwater Direction of Arrival Estimation using Wideband Arrays of Opportunity [PDF Download PDF in new window]
    In: MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2019, 17-20 June 2019, Marseille, France
  2. Elizaveta Dubrovinskaya, Fraser Dalgleish, Bing Ouyang, Paolo Casari (May 2018)
    Underwater LiDAR Signal Processing for Enhanced Detection and Localization of Marine Life [PDF Download PDF in new window]
    In: MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2018, 28-31 May 2018, Kobe, Japan
  3. Elizaveta Dubrovinskaya, Roee Diamant, Paolo Casari (October 2017)
    Anchorless Underwater Acoustic Localization [PDF Download PDF in new window]
    In: IEEE 14th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communications (WPNC 2017), 25-26 October 2017, Bremen, Germany
  4. Elizaveta Dubrovinskaya, Ivor Nissen, Paolo Casari (September 2016)
    On the Accuracy of Passive Multipath-Aided Underwater Range Estimation [PDF Download PDF in new window]
    In: Underwater Communications and Networking (UComms 2016), 30 August 2016 - 01 September 2016, Lerici, Italy

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