Elli Zavou

at IMDEA Networks

Elli Zavou obtained her Ph.D. from University Carlos III of Madrid in September 2016. She is now a Member of IMDEA Networks’ Alumni Network.
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Research interests

Distributed and Parallel Algorithms, Distributed Networks, Discrete and applied Mathematics.

Short biography

I received my bachelor's degree (BSc) in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus (UCY) in June 2011. As part of my final year project, I entered the field of Distributed Networks working on the utilization of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). In October 2011 I joined Institute IMDEA Networks and by October 2012 I completed my master's degree (MSc) in Telematics Engineering from the University Carlos III of Madrid, working on Distributed Task Scheduling under the supervision of Dr. Antonio Fernandez Anta. Since then, I am a PhD candidate in Telematics Engineering at the University Carlos III.

Researcher Name

Latest News

Been awarded with the FPU Grant from MECD in 2013