Evgenia Christoforou

at IMDEA Networks

Evgenia Christoforou obtained her Ph.D. from University Carlos III of Madrid in May 2017. She is now a Member of IMDEA Networks’ Alumni Network.
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Research interests

Crowdsourcing & Volunteer Computing; Distributed Computing; Algorithmic & Evolutionary Game Theory; Algorithmic Mechanism Design; Game Theory.

Short biography

I am currently a PhD Student at IMDEA Networks while pursuing my PhD in the Department of Mathematical Engineering in Universidad Carlos III. My expected thesis defence is on May 2017. I received my BSc and MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus (UCY), Cyprus, in June 2009 and June 2012, respectively. I have worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Cyprus investigating the foundations, principles, feasibility, and cost-reliability tradeoffs of Master-Worker Internet–based computing applications, such as SETI@home.
My research is currently focusing on the applications of mechanism design in the field of Networks, Crowdsourcing and Volunteer Computing. In particular I am looking into the problem of achieving reliability in online task computing environments, such as the volunteer computing platforms and other commercial platforms (i.e., as Amazon's Mechanical Turk). Moreover, I have been working on the problem of designing mechanisms for fair and efficient allocating of resources without the use of payments. I have been disseminating my work for the past six years in renown conferences and journals while I have taken part in national and european project calls. I am a teaching assistant at the Universidad Carlos III and I am actively involved in initiatives that promote the role of research and education in student communities.

Researcher Name

Latest News

  • Soon in the job market!
  • Expected Thesis Defence: May 2017
  • I have joined IMDEA Networks in November 2012