PhD Student
at IMDEA Networks

Research Interests

Millimeter-Wave Networking, WiGig/IEEE 802.11ad, Network Simulation (ns-3), Wireless MAC Layer Design, Wireless Networking, Next Generation Networks Architecture, and Software Defined Radio and Networking.

Short Biography

I am a third year PhD student working in Wireless Networking Group, led by Dr. Joerg Widmer, Research Professor at IMDEA Networks Institute. I am working on millimeter-wave networking where my main research topic focuses on analyzing, studying, and improving networking performance over the millimeter-wave links both in simulation and experimentation.

I graduated from Damascus University (Syria) on 2010 with a bachelor degree (equivalent to a 5-year BSc) in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. I was ranked the first among all the students with a GPA of 83.39%. After that I worked for Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., as a Core Network Packet Switch Engineer from 2010 to 2012. On June 2012, I received a scholarship from the Erasmus Mundus Association to pursue a double degree master of research on Information and communication Technologies (MERIT). I spent the first year of the master (2012-2013) in Politecnico di Torino (Italy) where I obtained a master degree (120 ECTS) in Electronics Engineering with honours degree (110/110); whereas the second year (2013-2014) I studied at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) where I obtained a master degree (120 ECTS) in ICT. On January 2014, I commenced work on my master thesis project within the Cloud Core & Architecture Unit at Ericsson Research AB, Stockholm (Sweden) on the topic of Service Mobility in Mobile Networks. After the successful conclusion of this project, I enrolled in a 3-month summer internship program within the same department. My main task was to investigate and develop new applications that were able to use the Service Mobility Framework developed in his thesis project.

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Latest News

  • New Conference paper "Zero Overhead Device Tracking in 60 GHz Wireless Networks using Multi-Lobe Beam Patterns" got accepted in ACM CoNEXT 2017
  • New workShop paper "Extending the IEEE 802.11ad Model: Scheduled Access, Spatial Reuse, Clustering, and Relaying" got accepted in WNS3 2017


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