Previous Work

Before joining IMDEA Networks as a PhD Student on 2015, I spent one year (2014-2015) as Intern in the Cloud Core & Architecture Department at Ericsson AB, Stockholm, Sweden. During that time I worked on the following four topics:

Session Mobility aware HTTP proxy:

This work involved developing HTTP proxy to be deployed near the Base Station. The proxy is adapted to use the session mobility framework developed in the thesis work and is extended to include traffic forwarding functionality between proxies when the UE moves from one BS to another.

Session Mobility aware HTTP Proxy (1) Session Mobility aware HTTP Proxy (2)
Routing Information Migration:

This work involved migration of UE specific route from local breakout routes attached one Base Station to another. The session mobility framework is used to migrate the routes from one BS to another.

Routing Information Migration Routing Information Migration Framework
Enabling mobility of UEs in local break out use case using SDN:

This work deploying SDN switches in the mobile base stations to handle the local breakout of selected UE traffic. The SDN switch also handles the mobility of UE from one base station to another seamlessly.

Service Mobility in Mobile Networks:

In this work, the main task was to investigate an alternative approach to Mobility based on Service Mobility where services move together with their clients. We propsoed a Platform as a Service framework to enable UE context migration between Local Service Clouds (LCSs). The architecture consists of handover signaling mechanism, TCP session migration technology, context transfer protocol and a set of APIs towards the service.