Current Research

IEEE 802.11ad/WiGiG Model in ns-3:

I implemented the first open-soruce model for the WLAN IEEE 802.11ad/WiGig in ns-3. The model is publicly available at GitHub. The implemented model supports the following features:

  1. DMG Channel Access Periods (BTI/A-BFT/ATI/DTI with both CBAP and Service Periods).
  2. Beamforming Training (BT) in BHI and DTI.
  3. Abstract DMG PHY layer for DMG CTRL/SC/OFDM.
  4. Fast Session Transfer (FST) Mechanism.
  5. DMG Relay Support (Full Duplex).
  6. DMG PLCP Model for 802.11ad frame.
  7. 60 GHz Directional Antenna Model.
The implementation is based on the available model of WLAN IEEE 802.11 in ns-3. The following paper includes a background on IEEE 802.11ad, implementation details, and evaluation section for this model. If you use our model in your research, please cite the following paper: Implementation and Evaluation of a WLAN IEEE 802.11ad Model in ns-3. Hany Assasa, Joerg Widmer (June 2016) The Workshop on ns-3 (WNS3 2016), 15-16 June 2016, Seattle, WA, USA Project Road-map: ----------------- I are planning to develop and add the following features to the project:
  1. Half Duplex DMG Relay Support.
  2. Fast Link Adaptation.
  3. Dynamic Channel Allocation (Polling).
  4. Reverse Direction Protocol (RDP).
  5. Statistical Channel Model + Raytracing Model for Millimeter-Wave Band.
  6. Beamformed Link Maintenance.
  7. Decentralized Clustering.
  8. Spatial Sharing.