Jose Félix Kukielka

Research Associate Professor
at IMDEA Networks

Research interests

José Félix Kukielka’s main research interests are: Wideband access to private networks; Quality of Service in Wireless networks; Service-aware Wireless Routing and Wireless Protocol Optimization for High-throughput Data and Voice.

Short biography

José Félix Kukielka is Senior Researcher at IMDEA Networks and Lecturer at the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) (Madrid, Spain). From 2003 until 2007, he worked at the UC3M as Ramón y Cajal Researcher. He obtained his undergraduate degree at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Federal District, Mexico) in 1972, and went on to complete a M.Sc. and a Ph.D., both at the University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, USA).

He has been the Technical Director of REDIMadrid from 2007 until 2009. REDIMadrid was created in collaboration with the UC3M in 2003. It is a regional research network for education and research institutions based in the Madrid Region. The program contributes to the consolidation of a dedicated, high-performance telecommunications infrastructure for its scientific community. Such infrastructure eases and promotes collaborative work, the establishment of eminent working groups and participation in national and international networks.

José Félix Kukielka has 23 years of industrial experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing communications products and Radio Frequency for the semiconductor and telecommunications industries. Throughout his career, he has worked in both academia and industry, working for Grupo AIA (Spain), Alcatel España, Philips Consumer Communications (Le Mans, France), Alcatel Telecom (Spain) and Avantek, Inc. (California, USA).

He is the creator of the "Kukielka Configuration", a topology for microwave monolithic integrated circuit amplifiers with multiple feedback loops that is characterized by an excellent gain-bandwidth product, implemented successfully in several semiconductor technologies.

Researcher Name


NETCOM (Networks and Communication Services) Group is part of the Department of Telematics Engineering, University of Carlos III. 
The Group works in close collaboration with the international research institute IMDEA Networks. NETCOM and IMDEA Networks work together on various research projects. Their simbiotic relationship provides many opportunities for researchers in both organisations to exchange ideas and to extend their knowledge. The two groups conduct complementary research in the areas of network architectures, communication protocols, distributed services and network design topics. Current work is focussed around IPv6 and related protocols, mobile networks and services, active and programmable networks and high performance networking.