Roberto Calvo-Palomino

PhD Student
at IMDEA Networks

Research interests

Collaborative Spectrum Sensing, Collaborative Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Android and FLOSS

Short biography

Roberto is a PhD student at IMDEA Networks Institute associated to Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M). Roberto received his MsC degree in Telematic Engineering from UC3M (2014) and MsC degree in Telematics System and Computer Science from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in 2010. He was working in European projects between 2008 and 2013. He taught diverse courses about android development and free software. He also participated as a mentor in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2014).

Nowadays he is working in his PhD focused in Collaborative Wideband Spectrum Monitoring to create collaborative and distributed algorithms to build a smart crowd-sourcing platform with a view to democratize the access and knowledge of the radio spectrum (under the supervision of Dr. Domenico GIUSTINIANO).

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