Julien Gamba

PhD Student
at IMDEA Networks

Research interests

network measurements, privacy and security, interdomain routing.

Ongoing projects

Haystack  —  As the Internet becomes increasingly personalized and ubiquitous, millions of users become vulnerable to security and privacy violations inflicted by the many parties conforming the mobile ecosystem. Moreover, it is unclear how mobile applications behave at the traffic-level: which network protocols do they use? Are they correctly and efficiently used? The Haystack project aims to promote mobile transparency and illuminate unknown performance, privacy and security aspects of mobile apps using cutting-edge on-device traffic measurements through the Lumen Android app. The project is sponsored by the NSF.

Awards and achievements

Short biography

I am a second year PhD student in the Internet Analytics Group. I graduated from the university of Strasbourg (France) on 2015 with a bachelor degree in computer science. After that, I went on to obtain a master degree in computer networks and embedded systems with honors from the same university in 2017.

My master thesis was focused on finding conception rules for iBGP networks to ensure BGP correctness. During my master, I also did an internship at Internet Initiative Japan (Tokyo) where I worked on the fragmentation of the BGP routing table.

Researcher Name

Latest News

Our paper on pre-installed Android software has been accepted to IEEE S&P 2020.

Our paper on Internet top lists got the Community Contribution award at IMC'18!

Our paper on Internet top lists has been accepted to IMC'18! Check out our website.

I have been awarded a travel grant to attend SIGCOMM 2018. See you in Budapest!


My resume is available here.